The 2024 Gunnison Valley Housing Needs Assessment is sponsored by the Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority with the financial support and oversight from Gunnison County, the Towns of Crested Butte and Mt.Crested Butte, the City of Gunnison and Valley Housing Fund.

The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate the housing market in the Gunnison Valley (“Valley”) in serving the employment needs of the Valley and identifying the housing needs of those who make their living locally. It seeks to answer questions such as how much and at which price points housing is needed to support local residents and the workforce.

Make your voice heard!

Join us in finding real solutions to the housing challenges we face. Your story is important, and we want to hear it.

We invite you to participate in the Gunnison Valley Housing Needs Assessment survey. Your input is crucial in shaping the future of housing in our community. By taking a few minutes to complete the survey, you can help us understand the housing needs of residents and the workforce, and ensure that our policies and programs effectively support everyone. Join us in making a difference!