Gerda Goehringer Testimonial

Published By: Editor
Published On: 27th February 2023
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Gerda has experienced a more comfortable living situation through the work done by GV-HEAT. Her daughter Sonja highlighted that programs like GV-HEAT provides better independence for seniors. Gerda has qualified for similar programs in the past, so it made sense to apply through GV-HEAT to receive a free retrofit. The improvement process took less than a day to complete and was described by Gerda as “simple and fast.”

The air leakage of the home has been reduced by 16%. This means that the conditioned interior air leaks 16% less to the outside than before. The goal for CARE homes is to reduce air leakage by 10%, meaning GV- HEAT contractors have exceeded expectations. The GV-HEAT contractors were also able to install 4 carbon monoxide detectors, which helped improve the overall safety of the home. Gerda and Sonja were impressed by the large impact that the GV-HEAT team was able to make with just a few small changes.



  • 11 Standard LED’s
  • 3 LED floods
  • 12 LED globes
  • 2 small base candle LED’s
  • 1 low flow sink aerator
  • 1 smoke alarm
  • 4 carbon monoxide sensors
  • Air sealing
  • Duct insulation & sealing