Analysis of Outreach Methods – by Alex Wilson

Published By: Editor
Published On: 13th May 2024
Categories: Latest News


Alex Wilson, the GV-HEAT Outreach Fellow for May 2023 through April 2024, has taken a dynamic approach toward marketing and conducted a meticulous analysis of his efforts which has propelled the GV-HEAT program to new heights. He chose to pursue this project as a part of his graduate research with the Master of Environmental Management program at Western Colorado University. Alex’s strategic initiatives have fostered the program’s expansion for yet another year. In collaboration with the GV-HEAT Coordinator, Gesa Michel, Alex has assisted in securing the Energy Assistance Community Outreach grant from Energy Outreach Colorado (EOC) for the second consecutive year, advancing home energy security within the region.

Wondering if you may qualify for one of our home energy efficiency programs? Contact Gesa Michel at or (970) 234-5613 to explore opportunities tailored to your needs.

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