Electrifying Gunnison: A Step-by-Step Implementation Plan to Install Air Source Heat Pumps in 4 Gunnison Valley Homes

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Published On: 8th July 2024
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The GV-HEAT – Electrifying Gunnison project, a collaboration between Western Colorado University and the University of Colorado Partnership Program and the Gunnison Valley Home Energy Advancement Team (GV-HEAT), aims to enhance energy efficiency and electrification in income-qualified homes in the Gunnison Valley. The project focuses on providing step by step implementation plans installing cold climate air source heat pumps (ccASHP), specifically the BOSCH Climate 5000 model, in these homes. Four out of five selected homes were identified as suitable candidates for ccASHP system installation. The implementation of ccASHP systems is projected to yield energy savings for homeowners, particularly those currently using propane heating. The project leverages local utility and federal rebates and incentives, reducing the total project costs significantly. The project also contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Future recommendations include the formation of a joint task force by GCEA and GV-HEAT to continue the project, further examination of the health benefits and environmental impact of removing propane heating systems and providing education and workforce development in the area. The project highlights the potential of ccASHP systems in enhancing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in cold climates.